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We are offering $100 in-house credit for any referral that leads to a booking at SRA. This includes clinicians or events.

We have added the ability to see stats by event and by person. This has been a long-awaited feature. This feature benefits team ropers as they can see catch percentages etc.

ArenaSoft can now handle pick/draw for team roping.

We added a new feature to filter just the user's runs. This makes it easer to see your runs only.

Your event, our process, amazing results. ArenaSoft is a subsidiary of SRA. This is our barrel and team roping cloud-based software. See as an example. We can set up software for ongoing or single events. See for more information. Contact us to see a demo.

We have upgraded our event software to handle multiple series for a single event. See Super 10 barrel series as an example. It can handle 3 different series at the same time.

We have upgraded to a new credit card processor with lower rates. These savings will be passed on to customers. It will be close to a 50% drop in processing fees.

We have created a classified ad section that is free to use.