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Team Roping Jackpot #11 Slide ...
05/13/2024 07:30PM This date has past
Headers: add your first pick, then come back to this page to make a second entry. You can enter 2x on each side. Heelers cannot be picked more than 2x across the event. Heelers cannot rope with a given header more than once.

Heelers: in this system, headers pick their partners. It works best if you just draw all three. The system will you pick you up as the partner from the header entry.

We will help anyone get signed up. Call us at 208-230-4338
  • One entry = 1 pick partner and 2 draw partners. or, One entry = 3 draw partners.
  • No duplicate pick partners.
  • Should the header rope any leg during the run (horse or steer), it's an automatic no-time.
  • Flagging on heels. Heeler must have a full dally and be in control of the run.
  • The right to withdraw a steer from the herd at any time is permitted. The right to withdraw steers for short round is permitted. Teams may not request a re-run because a steer is withdrawn from the herd.
  • The person roping must match the registration name.
  • Payout guidelines are under help section. Sweep rule is in effect for last round.
  • We follow WSTR rules for roping, judging, livestock and barrier. You can find a link to rules under help section.
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