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Team Roping Jackpot 9.5 ...
04/22/2024 06:45PM This date has past
  • One entry = 2 runs, progressive. Enter 3x
  • Should the header rope any leg during the run (horse or steer), it's an automatic no-time.
  • Flagging on heels. Heeler must have a full dally and be in control of the run.
  • The right to withdraw a steer from the herd at any time is permitted. The right to sort for short round is permitted. Teams may not request a re-run because a steer is sorted from the herd.
  • The person roping must match registration name.
  • We follow WSTR rules for roping, judging, livestock and barrier. You can find a link to rules under help section.
  • Payout guidelines are under help section. Sweep rule is in effect for last round.
  • If you have any trouble getting signed up let us know. We will assist. 208-230-4338
  • Please remember to pick up all manure, we don't want it mixing into the footing. If you want good ground for your horses, keep the manure out.
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