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Super 14 Barrels Series Sponsored by Pizza Pie Cafe ...
04/24/2024 05:30PM This date has past
  • You get 3 minutes per time only entry. Use however you wish.
  • A penalty will result in a no-time.
  • If you run your horse out of draw order and we have sent the draw via sms, it's a no-time. Make sure your profile phone number is current.
  • You can buy back (bb) for any heat, any horse, no limit. bb resets time for selected horse. bb money will not be added to payout. bb amount will increase $5 each event, capped at $60. bb money will be used to offset prizes.
  • All payouts are done via in-house credit, see your profile for payout options.
  • We will award points down to 10 places per division.
  • Use parking layout, try to leave room for others. Fill edges first. Park close together. Do not park cars where trailers can park.
  • Please remember to pick up all manure, we don't want it mixing into the footing. If you want good ground for your horses, keep the manure out.
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